Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Sims 3: Lounge d'Amour

The "lounge" is as tacky as its name but I love it none the less. I decided to make a community lot to host wedding parties since it's a lot more convenient in The Sims 3. That's one thing that I love, love, about the seamless world. It's so much easier for your sims to just hang out together or throw parties.

If you got a little bit of money you can just hire a community lot instead of wasting money on extra chairs, buffet, buying a wedding arch you're only going to use once (if you don't play the next generations of that family) and stressing about having enough room for your guests to party and tend to their needs.

So here it is: Lounge d'Amour or my tacky wedding place. I just realized I messed up the shot because the lot is in dollhouse mode and the wall on the left is "
"missing". As you can see it's very pink, hopefully not at a retina-harming level.

The pinkness is partly because of my laziness and mainly because I used The Sims 3 store Romanza set. At first I was going for a chapel like setting but that vision soon went out the door when I started building.

You see, I'm not a builder. I lack the creativity and the patience but mostly, I lack the creativity. I decided to use everything in the set as is and that means a pink venue.

Front view: the cars are from other sims visiting the lot.
Path towards the arch, reception area on the left.

The entrance: the front foor is on the right,
the arch is at the other end of the room.

Peek into the the reception area.

The reception area.

Buffet table, dinner table with props from the romanza set.

Regular buffet.

Cupcakes, bride's bouquet, champagne glasses, glass doves and ice sculpture.

Delicious chocolate fountain.

The bar and a empty table for the wedding cake.

The other end of the reception area.

Yes, it's another bufeet and more cupcakes.

This area leads to the backyard.

At first I wanted to add more tables and chairs so sims could have a reception outside as well but I was running out of spacce. So I built an "outhouse" instead. You know for those pesky sims bladders.

These are some shots from the back yard.

I'll link an album with "proper" pictures of the floorplan and pics during the day later. I haven't put this up for download since it's nothing special. If by some miracle people would like to have this lot, you can request it by leaving a comment.

Happy simming.


  1. I really want to download this! Urs is soo much better than mine!!

  2. Me too i actually love this, is it available to download?